Oh so colorful is the day!

Φωτογραφία της Stamatina Vathi.

Poem: Stamatina Vathi


Oh so colorful is the day!
Sparkling and laughing,
make a wonderful painting with the rain.
Green drops from the trees,
blue from the sky and seas,
red from the blood of beloved lovers,
flying with their fantastic wings with no borders.
An amazing glancing of my heart,
a magical smile from the King of my real path.
In the ordinary life of this cruel world,
heart doesn’t accept commands and rules.
She has her own unspoken words and roles.

Two hearts are apart,
looking for eachother,
in the time of no ending part to no other.
Tears from heaven,
watering their sentiments for ever.
Oh my magical wings,
make me fly against the wind,
a heart is waiting for me.
Why we make our soul so cruel,
why we make others tears so easily and cheap, too fool.
Pain is the same to any heart, to any religion, to any demand.
Cry and laugh are a world wide way of act.

Drops of gold and silver,
all the colors of my home,
with the mountains, lakes and rivers,
searching for him to come along,
to play my heart’ s silent song.
Don’t cry my heart,
even you my soul,
life is a travel to the unknown.
It’s a path for believers,
for tough and sensitive souls,
for thinkers.
For soldiers of light,
looking for love in their life,
believing that two hearts in love mustn’t be apart!

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