The wind is spelling his name in my ears

Φωτογραφία της Stamatina Vathi.

Poem: Stamatina Vathi


The wind is spelling his name in my ears,
reminds me his words, dreams and fears.
Tickling tenderly my chics, making me smile,
a smile on my face like a sun in the sky.

The rain plays a song with the help of the thunder,
a lighting and a storm in his eyes, a reminder.
A heart is wet by the rain of my tears,
drops of love, of amazing dreams and cheers.

A river of tenderness his words,
stones to enemies to fight them with all his swords.
His laugh like the oxygen of the trees,
giving to me life, giving to me the freedom wings.

Oh my soul don’t forget him.
Remember his feelings, his breathtaking kisses.
A rainbow in the sky, a road of my love to be his soul light.
A king of my heart, a fearless command. My love.

Φωτογραφία: Παύλος Παυλίδης

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