The warmer sunshine, the thinking of you

Φωτογραφία της Stamatina Vathi.

Poem:Stamatina Vathi


The warmer sunshine, the thinking of you.
The deeper wild sea, the feelings for you.
I feel that you’ll make me a tropical storm,
with passion and loving, no borders at all.

The depth of my heart, the strength of my life.
My gently flowing river, the thought of your sight.
My light in the dark, my breathtaking man.
My beautiful blue ocean, my bond with my heart.

One soul, two bodies.
Faith and seduction.
Nurturing, supporting,
True love and sincere attraction.

Devotion the word that comes out of my lips.
I will be thinking of you with all my thrills.
My warmer sunshine, my breathtaking man.
You are my existence, my life, my sense.

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