What can I say? How can I stay?

Poem: Stamatina Vathi

What can I say? How can I stay?
You gave the last word under thunder and rain.
I have to go away.
Acts like a year without any season,
words without logical and sentimental reason.
Black and gray whatever you say.
And I am looking forward to understand my mistakes.
Are you insane?

A sky full of clouds, lightings, thunders and rain without bounds.
Misunderstandings, drops of tears and lies.
And no results to the problems,
in front of your blind eyes.
How selfish can you be???
I am lying in the bottom of a dark, deep sea.
How cruel??
You have lost your destination,
you live in ruins.

Two lips in a dessert path, without light into the dark.
No water, no smile, are you a human or you have lost your heart??
My heart is smashed from your behavior in parts
and hurts too much.
A soul near Hades door and a Kerveros waiting to lick my wounds blood all.
And I am wondering ” Did you love me or you were acting a role?? ”

The rain of my tears is becoming harder than a diamond and sharper than a knife.
I am gonna smashed my soul to the roughest of your sight.
A rock on my throat,
I am chocking from the bitter of your love.
What can I say?How can I stay?
A storm is coming,birds are flying.
Be ware!!!
You will regret at the end.

Φωτογραφία: ‘Αγγελος Τόλιας

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