Poem: Stamatina Vathi

Whispers, whispers, whispers,
hear the wind.
Hear the rustling,
they are telling stories, they predict.
Autumn is coming,
yellow, orange, green, all are gifts.
In a path, I feel the sunbeams of the King
and I dream.

A nightingale is singing,
a woodpecker is digging
and butterflies are dancing with the rhythm.
I hear the gently flowing of a nearby river,
tinkle with a choir of bees and beavers,
in a gossip with the stream.
I hear hearts trembling, dancing and spelling,
words of lovers, unspoken wonders.

Hear, hear, hear,
let your senses be free.
Don’t have any fear,
we are creatures with open mind and we feel.
Smell the earth,
see the sky,
look at once with open mind.
Feel, Live.

Whispers, whispers, whispers,
I am in love with no drifters.
I am sure, I feel my soul,
vibrations and mysterious rules without borders.
The leaves are talking,
the sky is so blue,
I will take the path to the unknown,
that is the truth.

The heart is beating,
the nature is breathing.
Birds are singing
and a fairytale is beginning.
Hear, hear, hear
don’t miss anything,
don’t feel any fear.

Φωτογραφία: Makis Bitos

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