Love birds

Η εικόνα ίσως περιέχει: φυτό και υπαίθριες δραστηριότητες

Poem : Stamatina Vathi

Love birds


I hear the music of the flute,
I hear my heart trembling of my lover’s mood.
So affectionate, so tender, my eyes, my soul, my endless breathless.
I can hide myself to your brown eyes like solid,
I can be your endless tree of joy.
Love birds are singing,
hearts, souls are feeling.
Unseparated partners, affectionate lovers.
Two as one.

Hear, hear my love…
Feel, feel my soul…
The flute is doing like my heart,
is playing till the galaxy and beyond that.
Earth and sun, moon and sky,
wings of stars as I am looking to your eyes.
I want to feel you on my flesh,
I want to give you all my breath.
I want to be the rhythm of your heart,
I want to be your eternal oath of love.

My passion, my tention, my eternal nation.
Leaves and feathers, flesh and leathers.
Come, come my love,
come to my hug to kiss you with all my heart.
Drink from my cup the eternal life,
be my light to the darkness of the night.
Play, play with all your strength,
play so loud to feel the trembling of the ground.
Two in one.
My light, my sun.

Art : Puransingh Jhala

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