Love is his name, his smile, his touch

Φωτογραφία της Stamatina Vathi.

Poem: Stamatina Vathi


Love is his name, his smile, his touch.
The way he talks,
the way he get nervous with my acts.
A tender word,a warm touch,
telling the word adore with all your heart.
A real dream, a red rose of spring.
My priceless distillate of my soul, my Earth and wind, my fire, my need, the King of my woman’s role.

Two eyes like stars under the summer sky,
two lips like water in the dessert’s sun’s rise.
A song, a lough, a dance till the end of time.
Eyes to eyes,
lips to lips,
touch to touch for two human beings.
Diamonds in the night their drops of tender,
their eye sights sparkles in heaven.

Two hearts bit like one,
guitars playing blues with passion and fire in their sight,
burning fleshes from desire at once.
Wings and feathers,
moonlights and star dust wishes,
hands to hands, give me a kiss at once, My breathless speechless.
My heart will be in pieces.
Two lovers under the sky with no doubts and lies,
mysterious words are whispering in the night.

Two people wanting eachother desperatly,
without fear, without thinking any difference,
with commitmence.
Two drops of life,
two tears from God’s devise.
My love, my heart, my breath, my existence of my life.
A red drop of my blood, my tear for your love.

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