The whispering of the silent thieves

Φωτογραφία της Stamatina Vathi.

Poem: Stamatina


The whispering of the silent thieves,
playing with the leaves and trees,
creatures making noise,
an owl with a strange sound in her voice,
hearing the wind, screaming to assist.
I see a man looking for his lovers smile.
Oh! Such a beautiful knight.
He is the spirit of the glorious night.
The man of December lives.
The guidance of the winter season,
the north wind reason.
So calmly noise, they are preparing for cold
and silent invasion of the winter troll and renovation.
The circle of the seasons goes on, as an expectation.

It’s the time that stars are so bright,
they are giving with a moon a big fight,
who will sparkle more,
to give the night a tremendous, mysterious light.
A nightingale plays music,
hearing a woman’s tenderness laugh so abusing.
She is the princess of the Knight,
the reason of the life in his eyes.
The one and only lady of the winter nights,
the woman who rules his heart,
who has his soul parts.
His mind in her hands and his heart in her heart.
North pole wind and cold breathtaking spirit,
winning the bet of the unfinished life, the beginning.

Drops of blood at the end.
She will betray him,
she will be the destroyer to their loves unfinished nest.
Drops of blood and cries,
like rain of the November’s nights.
Oh my beautiful knight don’t cry.
Life is go on.
A real princess is here,
an Afrodite’ s child waiting for your love.
Sun, moon and the bad boy Ixion
be the helpers of your heart and light.
Don’t cry.
The pain will leave.

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