How deep is the sight of your eyes?

Φωτογραφία της Stamatina Vathi.

Poem: Stamatina Vathi


How deep is the sight of your eyes?
I am asking to the wind,
I am asking to the black sea.
The wind is laughing, the sea is crying
and my heart is trembling looking for your smile.
What a tremendous feeling.
I am breaking in a wave of unbelieving.
Black sea is so wild, the wind is so tight
and me at the edge of no bind.
Fearless, giving difficult fights,
like an eagle with open wings and penetrative eyes.
Trees your hands,
the branches wanted to give me a hug.
But what can I believe??
You are a false answer in the exercise of my life.

A black Rock of doubts is hurting my heart,
chains of unfinished words,
of misunderstood conversations,
of lies and cheats on our relationship map.
And me in an unknown path,
without direction, without light, just in the dark.
Two eyes loosing their faith in God.
And you?
Doing the ruler of the secret wrap.
Give me a trustworthy word,
a real hope, release my soul.
A light in my dark hole,
my diamond crown of the unknown.
Where are the real you??
I am asking to know.
Do you exist or you are a mythical man?

Like a snake is rattling your lie,
under the stones of the broken heart,
you break it to one thousand parts.
And they are calling for you,
with desperate voices and cries,
whispering your name, tenderly arrives.
Oh my beloved sun,
where are your real feelings,
in what sea they are sinking without air,
without dreamings?
Desperate lovers in a gray cloud of unfaithful lyrics.
The earth is bleeding
and the sky takes the color of my hearts red,
like the dawn of the day.

Φωτογραφία :Theotokis Flemotomos

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