A sign of a God caress

Φωτογραφία της Stamatina Vathi.

Poem: Stamatina Vathi


A sign of a God caress,
a tender smile,
an affectionate act and loving threads,
mysterious thoughts and secrets till hell.
Making a velvet mantle,
red like flame,
to cover your naked body with loving and passion,
a ruby heart desire.
A hawk flight till to infinity,
looking for you, my belover, my predicty.

Two lips so greedy,
like Panther ‘ s teeth wanted to eat fiercely,
to go deeper and deeper to your soul breath,
to put fire to all your exist,
to fly with a dark red chariot near the sun’s strength.
Will she feel in love again ?
Whose gonna Win her heart’ s vein?
She is the lady of the ruler on earth.
Are you the soldier with the God’s sense?

Centuries and centuries is crying for her beloved man,
she missed him in a battle crying with agony,
feeling her heart’s death.
Drops of rain red like blood her tears of sad.
He was the God of Thunder,
her heart’ s the Devine Master,
Her commander.
She is looking for him,
she must set free his soul,
in a man’ s body, mind and thought.

Take her tear ,
make it a trophy,
put a sunlight,
make it worth it,
two eyes from the moon,
and a heart from the sun’s mood,
are in love with you.
Be the God of Thunder,
your Light is looking for you.
Diamonds for your crown her tears of soul,
you are the sun, her existence role.

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