I am thinking and thinking

Φωτογραφία της Stamatina Vathi.

Poem: Stamatina Vathi

I am thinking and thinking.
A heart of moon is bleeding
and my soul is overdreaming.
How can I distinguish what is real and what is fake?!
I am a common person,
a simple heartbreaking, an insane.
I feel the sky so deeply blue,
becomes part of my sea,
like I was for you.
And a knife cut my hopes,
our problems from mistakes are unsolved.

So red like flames of our passion,
yellow and pink,
my feelings are in caution.
My mind is so confused,
a twisted rope,
like a noose on my throat.
Tears and tears,
an inner cry for help,
to see the escape of what we have done
and what you say.

You were my amazing blue sky,
I was the sea,
I was thinking that you were by my side
but you are far away from me,
a wound on my skin.
An infection of senses,
a storm with bad tenses,
alcohol in my blood,
a person without emotions, no demand.

An Aphrodite without her love,
emerged from the foams of your behavior bad role.
And I am thinking how beautiful would be our stunning blue,
our red,
our yellow of the sun,
our colors of life.
I thought that we had made an amazing sense of art,
an enviable creation of two people,
who were looking each other with pure eyes.
Souls without clouds, where Eagles come around.

I am thinking and thinking,
my heart is over dreaming.
Tears of the extensive sea,
blood of our comprehensive ruins of guilt.
Blue, red, yellow and pink,
colors of what we would have for real.
I miss you my dear.
Cries and bleeding,
smiles and feelings.

Art: Michael Belodedoff

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