As I see the tree trembling by the air

Poem: Stamatina Vathi

As I see the tree trembling by the air,
leaves are talking, singing with fair.
They are laughing and crying, telling a little prayer.
The sun is going to sleep,
feeling exhausted giving all his strength and talking with the clouds and the wind,
giving them all his gold and orange color as a gift.

An owl is preparing to dance with the Stars,
she is watching the gold in the open sky.
Oh my wise owl tell us what you see,
the leaves are asking her with all their voice like human beings.
The sun is acting like he can’t hear,
he knows that the night will give the solution to the problem at once.

Don’t talk so much leaves.
Look the king is going to sleep.
See the deep orange, see the gold,
the nature is giving all we want.
I am waiting the moon, I am waiting the night,
the stars and all of creatures in our lives.
I see the wings, I see the horse,
is running to us with all his force.

I see a woman with stars on her hair
and the moon in her eyes like diamonds rare.
I see a man, oh how powerful he is,
you think that he is common
but he is a hidden King.
His blood in his vein is calling for justice and no pain.
Oh woman with the moon tell me what will be soon.

Φωτογραφία: Euaggelia Katsarou

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