Oh my love, I’ m whispering with the wind

Φωτογραφία της Stamatina Vathi.

Poem: Stamatina Vathi


Oh my love, I’ m whispering with the wind,
telling stories, telling a little about my worries.
The sun is so bright like your beautiful and tender smile,
they both are playing with my hair,
teasing me and reminding me YOU,
all the way to heaven ‘ s chains.

Silver and gold sunbeams,
carrying and loving unexpected dreams.
A path from the moonbeams at sea in the darkness night,
like the sight of your mysterious black velvet eyes.
Where are you my love??
Where are you??

Little worries, like small beautiful blue roses,
are dancing with my thoughts looking at the sky.
From here till the moon they dancing giving rhythm,
like a heavy with passion song of Blues.
Where are you my love??
Where are you??

Questions and wonders,
thoughts and rebellious borders,
my heart is beating to fantastic warriors.
A fight for light, a fight for your smile,
a fight to the end of the era,
to see your dark eyes.
Where are you???

Drops of my tears,
drops of my fears,
lay down to the blue of our sea
and a seagull is flying till the end of our dreams.
A kiss and a wish to your sweet juicy lips.
Tears and fears, where are you??

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