The leaves of the trees are singing

Φωτογραφία της Stamatina Vathi.

Poem : Stamatina Vathi

The leaves of the trees are singing,
two hearts are tremendously beating.
Gold and green, sun and leaves
and two lips wanting yours,
giving them life with a kiss.
A kiss without borders, without needs.

Where are you?? Where??
The wind is whispering your name.
Your love is looking for you,
don’t forget her till the end.
Where are you my beloved man?
Are you a Dream or you are a real figure in my head??

I smell, I feel, I touch the earth, I see.
I breath the Spring, I yell.
I cry with all my tense and I don’t forget.
How could I? How?
Your green eyes like the color of the fields,
where I first saw you smiling like a God of Heart.
Give me back my life you are my breath.

I am calling to you.
Give me a kiss, give me a hug with all your sense.
Give me a smile, give me a kite to fly back to you,
give me all your love till the time we will die,
I am calling for you!!
Where are you???? Where??


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