The story of a thunder

Φωτογραφία της Stamatina Vathi.

Poem: Stamatina Vathi


The story of a thunder,
Zeus the reminder.
Wings and clouds,
prays and mysterious sounds.

A Goddess of peace,
an eagle with open hands and eyes with rays of spiritual feelings and believes.
One of a kind, a clear water of the spring of the life.

Are you the one?
The same question till the end of the time.
A drop of water doing the same trip,
a chain of undefined wonders who people can’t see.

Why are you so blind, tell the problem to open sky.
Death and fear the only child.
Peace is crying, why are you so blind?
The Goddess is sleeping till the new Doom to arrive.

A tear drop of her eye,
a voice coming from her deep soul, like a knife.
Why can’t you see the future is crying,
in black and Gray without hope, without human on earth, her prediction is safe.

Φωτογραφία: Kostas Orologas

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