Oh my love as the wind is whispering your name

Φωτογραφία της Stamatina Vathi.

Poem: Stamatina Vathi


Oh my love as the wind is whispering your name
and a nightingale is telling secrets like a fairytale,
my heart is trembling and dancing thinking of you,
of your last words, your last demanding from the depth of your soul.

Oh my beloved wind and you my mother moon,
your daughter is so upset and a tear drop hurts her inner feelings,
her heart’ s beats and life attempts.
A drop like rubies of blood, a heart attack of love signs and thoughts.

Drop to drop, tear to tear,
she is calling her lover,
she feels that he isn’t real.
Take a knife, she is bleeding from love,
he is unfaithful, he is joshing to all.

Lies and feelings,
misunderstandings and bad willings,
a liar, a drop of dirty desire,
into the mud a diamond of red fire.
Is he in love? Is he a Juda, for 30 silver coins a betraytor, an intruder.

The moon daughter is calling her mother.
Her eyes look to the path of the moon,
her breath becomes one with the wind
and her body feels the earth till the end of the doom.
She knows, she feels, she is waiting for the sun’ s will.

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