Wild horses running, my spirit thinking of you

Φωτογραφία της Stamatina Vathi.

Poem:Stamatina Vathi


Wild horses running, my spirit thinking of you.
My heart with a net of fire,looking for you on the lake view.
I would like to have wings, to come like an angel where you sit,
dancing with your thoughts, giving you a kiss.

I want to say “hi” to the sun, with a smile on my face.
Kiss you with all my breath I have,gentle on your lips,
whispering your name.
Dancing pationatly with the orange gold autumn leaves,loving you without borders,without doubts and mysterious thoughts.

My words, my feelings, birds of sunlight,
playing with the water of the lake, giving you a hug.
I would like to be the fire, to give you my warmth,
to be the rain, to be the water of your home, of all the lake.

I would like to dance with the drops of rain,
to put them near my heart, my body, my face, cause of my existence, my life, my breath.
Having the drops the smell of you,
giving me love, giving me a new way of the life view.

To yell out your name, loud and clear, to be a hawk to come you near.
To give you a tear drop, from the edge of my eyes, to put it in the side of your heart, near to your life.
My wings, my smiles, my breaths, my signs, all for you in my mind.

My endless thought, my cause of life.
I will hug the wind,I will be a storm,
I will be a spirit free till the end of the dawn.
I will give a kiss to a thunder of my belief,you the cause of my eternal view, the existence of my kiss.

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