As the wind is whispering your name in my ears

Φωτογραφία της Stamatina Vathi.

Poem: Stamatina Vathi


As the wind is whispering your name in my ears,
coming with strength through the lavenders fields,
a little bird comes to eat seeds from my hands,
singing a song for love and selfish absence.
A ladybird is kissing me in my soul laugh,
telling me secrets about her Lord’s commands.
She makes a present from the blood’ s red and the sun’s gold,
red and gold, a road from heaven to love.
And I am hearing the song as the wind tells me how he loves me,
till the end of the Dawn,
a kiss of fire on my red lips,
his soul throne.
Earth and wind, water and flame,
wings your words, wise your thoughts.
You are the rain on my Earth ‘s soil.

The hairs are dancing like black velvet threads,
dark beauty of the glorious nights of a full moon lighting path,
passionate breath on my heart’s breasts.
Taking the smell of the lavenders to all over the place,
near your mind and your heart spelling nest.
A warrior is coming with no regrets.
How glorious is the simplicity in his smile,
he has to tell the truth,
to stop the dark light.
Only my hairs will be his dark spot in the sky,
to give him a kiss,
to hug with caress.
He will put his hands into them to go to the moon,
to learn the mysteries of tenderness and the chance of Peace through a warrior of truth.
He will put the chains in War’s hands,
my dear ladybird, give me a smile.

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