It’s so calm this night

Φωτογραφία της Stamatina Vathi.

Poem: Stamatina Vathi


It’s so calm this night.
The raindrops stopped their fight,
watering the earth, giving a kiss, a breath.
A mysterious silence,
like the creatures of nature have secrets to tell,
with the Goddess license.
Wondering and thinking what is the best.
A miraculous visit is coming with strength.

Something is happening in the sky.
White drops of tears are coming like star dust,
a bird wants frightened a nest to sleep and rest.
They are so geometrically, shinning fairies,
they are the princesses of the North King band,
the Ruler of the cold and ice,
the demanding winter hug and device.
Oh my King, a Queen is waiting for your kiss.

The wolves are howling in the wood,
they are telling stories about the Dryades,
about the heart of the nature and the cruel mood.
The moon is shining with all his strength,
a mystical music comes from the earth.
Talks about peace and love,
about hate and misunderstanding,
about two hearts who looking the bright of the thunder.

A man is calling for her,
his fairy of his heart, his laugh.
A woman is waiting for him,
her beloved man, her breath, her wings.
The snowflakes are dancing with the music,
they are becoming crowns in the souls,
they embraced the couple with tender and hope.
These two are in love!!!

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