Sunbeams and moonbeams

Poem: Stamatina Vathi

Sunbeams and moonbeams playing with my mind,
sun of my soul,
moon of my heart.
How can we be through the era apart??
I am calling your name,
I am calling with flame
eyes looking in the future
we can’t be troopers,
it’s insane.
Sunbeams and moonbeams trickling with my kind.

Black hair, black lace,
in the dark night sky
and a candle is trembling
by the wind of your sight.
See, see, a woman is talking about her dream,
watching the stars, like diamonds in a golden ring,
moonbeams of my heart.
And your smile like an amazing sun,
so magic, so warm, flame in the sky.
Sunbeams of my soul we can’t be apart.

Photo : Stamatina Vathi

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