Oh I hear the waves

Poem: Stamatina Vathi

Oh I hear the waves of the deep blue sea,
I smell the ocean,
reminding me the breath of your internal beat.
Bodies and souls,
cares like sunbeams and breathtaking roles.
And the sea is playing with my memories and wind,
talking so loud,
dancing with passion
and flirting with the creatures of my mind and the seagulls on her surface
all around.
As a flame of water and salt,
beating the earth and the ground, without love.
Senses and feelings,
lies like sharp rocks and heartless words, bleedings.
Eyes like thunders
and thoughts like the heart of Hades.
Questions and questions,
tremendous unpretentious,
a boat is sinking to doubts.
But you know that at the end you will come to the beginning of your thoughts and spells,
without words and questions to ask,
without lies and decisions to sign.
A drop of the ocean on my heart’s wound,
a tear of my blood on my flesh cells and my life breath,
till will be apart.
Rain and sun,
clouds your undefined words and your secrets to make me blind,
I am the Goddess of your heart.
Open your mind.

Φωτογραφία: Μάνος Γαμπιεράκης

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